We are connected to the world and we are providing the attention of a boutique firm while using the most powerful and influential connections of the basketball industry.
Sigma Sports has developed international strategic partnerships and has a prominent presence in the Nba where we work exclusively with Excel Sports Management.

Euroleague is our weekly routine

Sigma Sports represents a selected group of athletes which includes some of the finest players of the continent. The level of the negotiated contracts and the achievements of our athletes clearly reflect that we deliver results and not promises.

NBA is part of our experience

NBA is part of our experience
Our agency had players selected in the first and in the second round of the Nba Draft.
We signed European Free Agents with Nba multiyear guaranteed contracts.
Nba Pre Draft Process Preparation and Nba Summer Leagues are other opportunities we offer to our clients.

Excel is our NBA partner

“Excel is now home to the No.1
basketball practice in the world.”
Forbes Sep 1 – 2016