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Sigma Sports is a full-service management and marketing firm which represents internationally professional athletes. Sigma Sports has earned a reputation of creativity, professionalism and efficience where athletes can expect a level of representation and service at the top of the industry. We only desire to represent the best and not the most.


At Sigma Sports we work every day to achieve the excellence and to exceed the expectations of our clients.

Their desire of improvement is our commitment to deliver extra value for their careers.


  • Integrity: maintaining a high character reputation is the corner stone of our profession and the relationships with our athletes can only be transparent, etic and based on deep reciprocal trust.
  • Hard Work: without a resilient approach we cannot achieve the best results. To us hard work means smart and inclusive work.
  • Innovation: innovation and forward thinking are the key factors that keep us ahead of our competitors. Challenging ourself out of the comfort zone is the only way to produce a lasting impact.
  • Passion: our job is our passion and this passion nurtures the desire to achieve great results and always represent the excellence of our industry.

Our Team

We are a highly specialized firm dedicated to the professional goals of our clients.

Our team operates in a family environment and we want our clients to feel part of our family: the SigmaSportsFamily.

We are Worldwide

Sigma Sports is truly an international firm.

With affiliated offices in 3 different continents and elite partners all over the world, our focus is offering the best quality services and be always on the ground when and where our clients need us.